I honestly didn’t intend to neglect this weird wonderful space.

However, I do get distracted by shiny things.

And life can also be distracting.

In the midst of all of this, I:

1. Picked up a new hobby (miniature building/painting)

2. Rejoined Twitter

3. Quit Twitter again (thanks in no small part to a maniac purchasing it and forcing it to devolve even further into a post-apocalyptic nightmare hellscape)

4. Quit watching the news (it is very bad for my mental health; I now only get my news from two sources: and

5. Binge watched all of the Fast and Furious movies. I watched the trailer for Fast X and was curious. They are the film equivalent of Tom and Jerry or Road Runner and Wile E Coyote cartoons, only dumber and with more fambly. By the sixth film, I was cackling and decided that they are fun. The eighth film has a scene that I rewound and rewatched a few times. Jason Statham glides onto a plane and saves a baby. It is fun…preposterous, but fun. Every once in a while, it’s ok to check your brain at the door and cackle with something preposterous and have fun. Either that, or after 10 films (including Hobbs & Shaw, which is a legit good action movie), I am suffering from Helsinki Syndrome.

6. Rejoined Instagram. This is a recent development. I was feeling disconnected. This has, of course, been exacerbated by the pandemic. I toyed around with the idea of starting something at Mastadon and inviting my friends. In the end, that was too complicated. I settled on Instagram. After a few tentative posts, I am fully on board with this. I love it. For the most part, I reconstructed my friend network from Facebook. I follow my friends, fellow miniature enthusiasts, writers, artists, and lots of puppies. Seriously, you have no idea how many puppies I follow. So far, it has been a nice, wholesome experience and it has fulfilled its primary objective: to reconnect me to the world in a positive way.

More later.