Rip It Up and Start Again

Welcome to the Starry Wisdom Institute.

We are in the midst of cleaning, unpacking and organizing the place. The next time that you visit, you may find that we have chosen a different colour scheme or font. It is very much a work in progress.

Before we get too far, introductions are in order:

My name is Joe. I am the Director and Caretaker of SWI. I am also a writer, filmmaker and professional engineer. Earlier this year, the venerable Dr. Thaddeus Zorren decided to retire as Director and Caretaker of the Starry Wisdom Institute after an illustrious 44 year career. I am honoured that he handpicked me as his successor. When I asked Dr. Zorren why he chose me, he stated, “You have always been the caretaker”.

The title of this first entry is an aphorism of the post-punk movement (and is also the title of a great book on the subject by Simon Reynolds). After 15 years on social media, I decided to utilize it in my online travels.

I have been involved with various forms of social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, myspace, Friendster, etc.) since 2003. For the past few years, I have witnessed a toxicity settling into social media. I questioned whether or not social media was appropriate for me. As an experiment, I deleted my Twitter and Instagram accounts in 2017. After a few weeks, I noticed that I wasn’t missing them. In 2018, I am finally taking the plunge and deleting my Facebook account.

SWI is my online home.

The Starry Wisdom Institute is dedicated to studying the Weird and the Eerie, in all of its forms. We will discuss film, music, literature and (occasionally) engineering. At the bottom of each entry, there will be a

It’s a crazy world out there right now.

You are not alone.

I’ve got your back.

Let’s do this.

Now Playing: Ways of Seeing by the Advisory Circle


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